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If you have questions about the details of the following packages, let me know! Want something you don’t see? Ask me for it! Let’s work together to customize the support you need within your budget.

In an effort to increase accessibility to the services I provide, I offer payment plan options and a trust-based sliding scale model with three options: less | middle | more. Additionally, a portion of every dollar goes toward the Utah Community Care Collective scholarship fund.


$40 | $50 | $60

We can't plan your immediate postpartum period, but you can make a plan for who you'd like to ask for help and how to do that, how you'd like to manage your relationships changing, and how you'd like to plan for rest, healing, and bonding with your family.

  • 1 video or in-person meeting to discuss postpartum options and prioritize your preferences (generally 2-4 hours)

  • Create a visual or text-based postpartum preferences map (postpartum plan), finalized and sent to you within 2 days

Daytime Hourly: $25 | $32 | $38
Overnight Hourly: $30 | $37 | $43

It's important to me that you feel confident with your baby and your ability to care for them. If you're not there yet, that's ok! We can do this together.


We'll start with a 2-4 hour observation shift, where I simply spend time with you and your baby in your home and see how you're doing together. We'll check in about how you're feeling, where you feel you need support, and what suggestions I can offer based on what I notice. From there, we'll decide together how much and what kind of support you might need from me and build a plan.

Postpartum support can look like:

  • Assistance with newborn care

  • Basic babywearing support

  • Snack or meal preparation based on your dietary needs and preferences

  • Light housework and tidying

  • Care for baby while you go for a walk, take a shower or nap, connect with someone important to you, or anything else you need to feel replenished

  • A listening ear

  • Information and resource recommendations, including for other perinatal professionals

  • Sleep support

Daytime hours are generally scheduled in 4-6 hour shifts, while overnights can be anywhere from 6-8 hour shifts, depending on your needs.

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