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If you have questions about the details of the following packages, let me know! Want something you don’t see? Ask me for it! Let’s work together to customize what support you need within your budget.

In an effort to increase accessibility to the services I provide, I offer payment plan options and a sliding scale model with three options: less | middle | more. When you have the ability to pay more, you are helping others to access my support. When you pay in the middle, you are helping me cover costs. And when you pay less, please know you are letting your community hold and support you. Everyone should feel comfortable choosing what feels right for them.


$40 | $85 | $130

In the case of pregnancy loss at any point in gestation, I can provide support in the following ways: 

  • Informational and resource navigation support

  • In-person support throughout an at-home medication procedure

  • In-person support through an in-clinic surgical procedure (whether I can be in the room with you is dependent upon clinic policy)

  • In-person or virtual support check-ins before and/or after appointments

  • After-loss home visits 

    • Custom meals based on your preferences and dietary restrictions

    • Assistance with housework

    • Emotional support

  • Organizational support to plan care by friends and family

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