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About Me

My name is Misty and my pronouns are they/them or she/her. I'm a full-spectrum doula, prepared for any pregnancy outcome. I officially started this work in 2020, though I've been passionate about advocacy, trauma-informed care, anti-racism, transformative justice, and community care for much longer. 


To give you an idea of where I come from, here are some identities and experiences I carry that inform my perspectives, including: white; queer; non-binary; neurodivergent; disabled with hidden disability; consensually non-monogamous; bilingual; trauma and assault survivor; low-to-middle class upbringing; and living with thin privilege, and bilingual (ASL is my second language). I am up-to-date on my vaccinations, including COVID boosters.

As a systems thinker with values grounded in intersectional and trauma-informed principles, it’s very obvious to me that we’re forced to navigate systems every day that weren’t built for us. Our healthcare system routinely fails non-white, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and fat people. We deserve better. I believe birth and death work is activism.

Ultimately, I believe that birth is something that people do – not something that happens to them – and that everyone has the right to be informed of all of their options and the potential outcomes of their choices. I approach death and grief support the same way.


My goal is to help people feel safe and prepared for any births and deaths they’re involved in, especially their own. This means something different for everyone. I am able to provide a variety of gender-expansive and culture-inclusive offerings, resources, and recommendations, including:

– hands-on support

– education
– books, handouts, podcasts, and other media resources

– handouts
– hypnosis tracks
– connections to other birth or death workers

– connections to community members & resources
– planning and logistical support
– classes
– space to process your feelings and experiences
– support in English and/or ASL

With an understanding of the barriers and limitations of many academic and educational experiences, here are selected programs and classes I have completed or am currently working on.

  • Curtis Method Hypnodoula Training | April 2020

  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss - Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death | September 2020

  • Death Companioning Crash Course - School of American Thanatology | October 2020

  • Know Your Rights in Childbirth Course - Birth Monopoly | November 2020

  • Childbirth Educator Training - Whole Body Pregnancy | November 2020

  • Birthworkers Unlearning Racist Norms (B.U.R.N.) - Interwoven Doula Care | January - November 2021

  • Crisis Response for Birthworkers - Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings | March 2021

  • Abortion Doula CE Course - Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings | April 2021

  • Mentorship - Jenna "JB" Brown - Love Over Fear Wellness | April - June 2021

  • Postpartum Doula Training intensive - Embodied Doula Tranings - April 2022

  • Postpartum Doula Training - Whole Body Pregnancy | April - July 2022

  • Birth and Disability - Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings | June 2023

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