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My Lending Library

These are all books I have available for my clients to borrow. I know there are so many options and you don't actually have time to read every book, so I've bolded my favorites in each section. These are a good place to start.

If there's a book you've heard of that you'd like to borrow that I don't have yet, please let me know so I can expand my library!

Pregnancy and Birth

  • Birthing from Within - England, Horowitz

  • Fat Birth - Mayefske

  • Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - Gaskin

  • Transformed by Birth - Bushnell

  • Why Did No One Tell Me This? - Hailes and Spivak

Childrens Books on Pregnancy and Birth

  • What Makes a Baby - Silverberg


  • The First Forty Days - Ou, Greeven, Belger
  • The Fourth Trimester - Johnson

Trauma and Loss

  • Ghostbelly - Heineman

  • Holding Space - Wright Glen

  • When Survivors Give Birth - Simkin, Klaus

  • You're the Only One I've Told: The Stories Behind Abortion - Shah

Fertility and Getting Pregnant

  • Awakening Fertility - Ou, Greeven, Belger

  • Baby Making for Everybody: Fertility and Family Building for LGBTQ+ and Solo Parents - Rachlin, Goodman

  • Queer Conception: The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer and Trans Parents-to-Be - Kali

Food and Nutrition

  • Real Food for Pregnancy - Nichols

  • The First Forty Days - Ou, Greeven, Belger

Birth Support Team

  • The Birth Partner - Penny Simkin

Newborns and New Parenthood

  • The Wonder Weeks - van de Rijt, Plooij, Plas-Plooij

Reproductive Justice, Disability Justice, History

  • Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice - Lakshmi

  • Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty - Roberts

  • Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers - Ehrenreich, English

  • Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines - Gumbs, Martens, Williams

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