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If you have questions about the details of the following packages, let me know! Want something you don’t see? Ask me for it! Let’s work together to customize what support you need within your budget.

In an effort to increase accessibility to the services I provide, I offer payment plan options and a sliding scale model with three options: less | middle | more. When you have the ability to pay more, you are helping others to access my support. When you pay in the middle, you are helping me cover costs. And when you pay less, please know you are letting your community hold and support you. Everyone should feel comfortable choosing what feels right for them.

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Pay what you can 

Come share time, space, and stories with other people who are dealing with or preparing for the loss of a pet. This is virtual for now, but may become a hybrid event as the weather warms up and we can gather outdoors. Email me for information on how to join!

What is Shadowloss? 

Shadowloss is a loss IN life, not a loss OF life. 

The term was developed by American thanatologist, Cole Imperi. It is a type of loss that has a multi-faceted impact on not only the life of an individual, but also the social network in that person’s life. Shadowlosses may or may not be associated with a death and are most often not. Shadowlosses impact a person’s social connections, status in the community, overall well-being, and family relationships. 

Examples of Shadowloss include but are not limited to:

  • divorce

  • bankruptcy

  • infertility

  • a global pandemic

  • getting fired unexpectedly

  • a significant medical diagnosis

  • estrangement

  • leaving a religious community

  • getting ghosted

You deserve support through Shadowlosses and life transitions. If you believe I could be someone to help you through this, schedule a free consultation.

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